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About the Committee

The Committee on Workforce, Education, Training and Youth Development researches, investigates and develops public policy and advocates for equity, empowerment and jobs for the City and its residents. The Committee shall oversee all operations and policies that impact the City’s ability to promote workforce development and community benefits for City residents; and shall oversee all operations and policies that impact children’s and adults’ education from preschool through post-secondary, including certificate programs and associates degrees.

The Committee shall: ensure that the City promotes empowerment of citizens through education, training, job creation and development; work with area businesses to create a working environment of justice and equity; help develop and keep a workforce that fulfills the needs of employers; review education systems and curricula for Cleveland’s citizens of all ages and levels and advocate reforms; review all activities related to Prevention, Intervention and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults.

Committee Leadership

Policy and Research Contact for this Committee

Brook Sabin


Committee Meeting Schedule