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Pressing Issues Regarding Transit Equity
First, I want to praise City Council for the efforts in the past year towards decriminalizing fare evasion. I am an Ohio resident who was born and raised in Cleveland, and while riding the Healthline as a black man, I faced harassment from transit police to present my pass, and witnessed other, always black, riders being "escorted" (read: manhandled) off the bus over failure to prove that they paid. I know firsthand and secondhand that this punitive system has only hurt everyone it impacts. To celebrate Transit Equity Day coming up, and the concept of transit equity as a whole, I request for the members of City Council to give up use of their cars for one week and only rely on transit. From transit police to poor sidewalk clearance during the winter to reduced bus lines, I think the only way to truly understand what needs to be done to restore the RTA to what it was 30 years ago is to experience its current deficits directly. Even if this request is too much for ask, I trust and believe that City Council always acts with the best interest of the city of Cleveland and will consider the thoughts and experiences of its residents who have the most to gain and the most to lose in their policymaking.
Name: Michael Harney
Posted: Jan 29, 2023
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Transit Equity Day (February 4th) & Try Transit
Dear Cleveland City Council, I am a resident of the Tremont neighborhood and am writing as an individual in my personal capacity to encourage you to join in celebrating Transit Equity Day on February 4th, 2023, which is observed each year in honor of the life and legacy of Rosa Parks on her birthday. I also encourage you to commit to the Clevelanders for Public Transit Transit Equity Day challenge by committing to ride public transportation for a week beginning that day. Experiencing public transportation first-hand is an important way to build understanding and empathy about the ridership experience, and to break down the "windshield bias" that develops from only experiencing life from behind the windshield of a car. When you try transit, you may also find yourself walking and biking more to get to/from bus or train stops as well - giving you more perspective about sidewalk and bike lane/trail conditions as well. There are great resources to learn about improving transit - two excellent books are Better Buses, Better Cities by Steven Highashide, and Human Transit by Jarrett Walker (who has a long-running blog by the same name: My family moved to Cleveland in May 2022, and we are thankful to be able to share one car while meeting many of our transportation needs by walking, biking, and using transit. We appreciate all of the efforts by the City of Cleveland to make walking, biking, and transit safe and convenient options, and we know there is more work to do. Thank you for efforts on Complete and Greet Streets, and Vision Zero. Sincerely, Andrea Hamre, PhD Tremont Resident
Name: Andrea Hamre
Posted: Jan 26, 2023
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Mayor's 311 Redesign Project
Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts. I am writing in support of the Mayor's desire to fund system, process & technology upgrades within the City of Cleveland that will streamline & digitize Cleveland's 311 Resident Request hotline. As a resident of Cleveland, I can say we desperately need a timely, responsive, and easy-to-access way to reach City Hall. As someone who conducted a small bit of research on the topic as a member of the Mayor's transition advisory team, I can say that this is a gnarly problem only a serious commitment will be able to solve. I hope the Mayor and his teams will also consider how to provide access to those who do not have internet access at home. It is time for Cleveland to step into the digital age, while intentionally including all of its residents. I am in full support of the Mayor's initiative and I hope that Council will approve this funding. Thank you for your consideration.
Name: Shannon Copfer Brace
Posted: Jan 23, 2023
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Recycle garbage
Week after week a person in my household watch the Recycle garbage be put into the regular trash by the garbage men. I have stickers on the cans yet they are lazy and put everything together. I work at a hospital and if I screwed up I would lose my job. Maybe some of these low lifes should also.
Name: James
Posted: Jan 18, 2023
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Public Utility Patrol Firearms
I would encourage the Council and Mayor to review the investigations into coordinated sabotage of public utilities in majority-black communities in North Carolina, Washington, Michigan, and elsewhere. My suspicion is these events are not isolated, but part of regional efforts to prepare for major disruptions of social order as part of white nationalist and/or anarchic extremist political groups in the run-up to the 2024 election. I would encourage Council and the Mayor's office to consult with the FBI and state and local law enforcement, and that the issue within the Charter be resolved to permit armed security at these vital sites.
Name: Luke Taylor
Posted: Jan 10, 2023
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Burke Lakefront Airport
Dear City Council, I am writing you today after reading that there is discussion of closing the Burke Lakefront Airport. I’m just a small time guy from central Pennsylvania who enjoys general aviation. My wife and I also enjoy flying to Cleveland several times a year and spending an evening downtown at Drury or Marriott along with dinner and a show at Pickwick & Frolic. After leaving we always look forward to our return. Flying into Burke is great with easy access to the city, not many places in the US that you can fly in park the plane and walk into the city within minutes. We also enjoy the water front area, especially the sub, having spent 4 years on SSN , neat to see the old ones. Anyway, I can confidently say that if Burke Lakefront Airport closes that I’ll probably never be back to Cleveland as it’s over a 5 hour drive (also same distance to NYC) but only a lovely 50 minute flight. Mike Cummings, Wellsboro Pa. N66VK
Name: Mike Cummings
Posted: Jan 5, 2023
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Leaf pick-up
Why is there not a program for seniors or at least reimbursement for bags.
Name: Jake Kemokai ex
Posted: Jan 3, 2023
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Underground Pedestrian Tunnel proposal to Connect East and West Bank of Flats
Connecting the East and West bank of the flats directly below the route of the water taxi, via an underground pedestrian tunnel, would be an immense improvement to the walkability of the Flats area. Center Street Bridge (CSB) is currently down for repair and has already been delayed 6 months past its origional estimated completion. Even when CSB is operational, walking from start to end point of the water taxi takes approximately 25 minutes. The water taxi runs seasonally and for extremely limited hours, it's route closes long before the businesses on either side of the flats do. A pedestrian bridge is unfeasable due to the shipping lane. It would either need to swing, raise, or be permanently affixed to clear shipping traffic which would require elevators which would be a choke point for traffic. An underground tunnel connecting the two sides of the river, shipping and pedestrian traffic will never conflict with one another. A stairwell and a ramp for ADA compliance are all that is needed, but an escalator would be nice. The benefits of connecting the businesses on both sides should be readily apparent. It makes barhopping easier. It makes getting to and from Browns games easier. Whiskey Island would be significantly more accessible to EBOF residents.
Name: Scott Ibold
Posted: Dec 30, 2022
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Cps of Cuyahoga County negligence
I am Gravely concerned for my three younger children under the temporary custody of CPS of Cuyahoga County. I hold them negligent for the injuries and physical,mental ,and educational abuse they have allowed to happen to my children ,while under their care. They are not following proper protocol and even though ,I have had placement change meetings,even though I have had adamant proof of the abuse. On the mental physical and educational occurrences nothing has been done . Actively to put my kids in the best situation everything is prolonged and putting my kids in adamant danger of the same abuse to occur. I have made police reports I have called the hotline and still nothing has been done. My children have had bruising scarring and verbal admittance of deplorable conditions and rodents in the home where there are living. Also malnourishment not getting fed properly and they are allowing them to be mistreated under their temporary custody. Proper protocols of their policy has not been followed and I am deeply concerned for my children's well-being. Me seeing the way that they are handling the case with my children makes me further understand why they've had so many fatalities under the authority of the agency. They allow my kids to be injured they have allowed my kids to have countless incidents and things occur that there are made fully aware of and still take no action. I am crying out for my children safety and well-being yet still nothing is being done. CPS needs to be held accountable because, I do not want my case to end in a fatal incident, because the lack of policy that they are following. The lack of staff that is addressing my current open case. So many occurrences over the past 25 years and CPS has been negligent on so many levels. In so many cases where children underneath their care has lost their lives because, of the poor handling of cases , information and not following proper protocol. I am reaching out to any parties that are willing to listen. So I can properly advocate for my kids safety. So their case won't become fatal .I am fighting for my kids livelihood please someone help.
Name: Shawndra Folmar
Posted: Dec 25, 2022
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Columbus Statue in Little Italy
Columbus was killer, a rapist, and nothing more than a coward! Why is there a statue of a monster in Little Italy? Get rid of the statue!
Name: Juan Collado
Posted: Dec 23, 2022
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