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City Council Updates

Councilwomen Stand United: The councilwomen stand united on the disastrous effects overturning Roe v. Wade will have on the women of Cleveland, and their families, stripping away fundamental health care services.

The councilwomen are affirming their "strong and open support of abortion access...we are committed to investigating next steps that the City of Cleveland can take." Read the full statement at: CouncilwomenStandUnited

Requests for Qualifications: Council is seeking qualified organizations, individuals or agencies for various professional services. Statements of qualifications are due by noon on July 11th. They include:

  • RFQ for assistance for maintenance and performance for council's information technology systems, hardware and software. IT RFQ
  • RFQ for financial reviews, including providing monthly analysis and other ongoing financial projects or services. Financial RFQ
  • RFQ for assistance in monitoring of utility-related matters pertaining to the Divisions of Cleveland Public Power, the Water, and Water Pollution Control. Utility RFQ
  • RFQ for assistance with Council operations and staff development. Operations RFQ
  • RFQ for assistance with communications and public relations. Communications RFQ
  • RFQ for assistance with intergovernmental relations. Intergovernmental RFQ

Fireworks in Cleveland: While the state legislature recently passed a law allowing fireworks to be set off on certain days, the law allows cities to further restrict the use of fireworks or to prohibit them completely.  Therefore, the city of Cleveland may continue to enforce its fireworks prohibitions that are already on the books. Setting off fireworks is prohibited in Cleveland. Sparklers are allowed. To learn more about the prohibition go to #10 in the unnecessary noise ordinance 605.10. First offense is a minor misdemeanor with a fine of $150. Subsequent offenses face stiffer fines and possible jail time.