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City Council Updates

Councilman Kris Harsh and a partner debated representatives from PB Cleveland on their charter amendment that would take $14 million off the top of the city's General Fund, devastating programs and services and likely causing mass layoffs. Watch the debate

Read Councilman Kris Harsh's editorial on why this effort is costly and doesn't increase civic engagement. 

The Cleveland Construction & Building Trades Council recently voted to oppose the PB Cle charter amendment. Read the release.  Also, the North Shore Federation of Labor also recently voted to oppose the PB Cle amendment. 

"Participatory Budgeting will have a disastrous effect on union members who live and work in the City of Cleveland," said Executive Secretary Leonard DiCosimo. "Cutting $14 million from the annual budget of the city means layoffs ... The resulting cuts to essential services will impact more than the 60,000 Clevelanders living in union households." Read the release.

Cleveland's Safety unions, Police, Fire and EMS have announced they are opposing the charter change. And all Council members are against it.