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Mar 24, 2023

The "ArtCraft" building on Superior Avenue is slated to become the new Department of Police headquarters.

Council approved legislation for the city to purchase the property and enter into a design-build renovation with the developer TurnDev at a recent meeting.

The developer - at a not to exceed maximum of $90 million - will do a total renovation of the building. That includes plumbing, electrical, HVAC, a new roof and elevators. It also includes building a parking garage and surface parking, as well as all the furniture, fixtures, equipment, information technology business systems, movers, consulting services and any other related expenditures for the new police headquarters.

The building, at 250,000 square feet, will have enough space to house the Police Museum.

Two earlier plans, first renovating the former Plain Dealer building, also on Superior Ave., and then the most recent to build a new headquarters on city-owned land on Opportunity Corridor, were scrapped. 

The Cleveland Police Headquarters are in leased space in the Justice Center. Cleveland sold its portion of the Justice Center to Cuyahoga County in 2018 for $9.5 million and have been leasing it back since then.

Council President Blaine A. Griffin had expressed concerns about now building new to specific needs of the police. Councilman Mike Polensek emphasized the long-term stakes of this decision, noting that the last two police headquarters each served as the department's home for 50 years. 

View the presentation here. Ord. No 54-2023.