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Jul 17, 2023

Councilman Kevin Bishop has worked over the past several years on a project with Union Miles Development Corporation to establish housing for veterans in the community. And the project is now going to begin.

Council passed legislation, sponsored by Councilman Bishop, to provide a $750,000 grant to Union Miles CDC for the "Walter Collins Veteran Housing & Service Facility." 

Union Miles will partner with other organizations to bring the project to fruition. The location is on vacant land on Harvard Avenue, east of E. 93rd Street. 

The project will establish an estimated 11 housing units for struggling veterans. 

The facility will provide affordable housing options for both male and female veterans. And Rid-All Green Partnership, an urban agricultural organization, will engage the veterans through programming onsite, teaching best practices for successful urban gardens, as well as promoting healthy living and resources for stability for the veterans.

Councilman Bishop believes this project will help jumpstart other development in Ward 2.  The project is shovel-ready and will break ground soon. The grant is from revenue recovery funds the city received. Council members wanted to make sure residents throughout the city saw real projects and progress from the money. 

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