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Solar Installation Legislation Moves out of Utilities Committee

Oct 27, 2022

(Cleveland – Oct. 27, 2022) – Council’s Utilities Committee approved legislation allowing the administration to go out for bids from vendors to design, install, operate and maintain ground and roof mounted solar installations at various city-owned facilities and properties. The next steps for the legislation (978-2020) are consideration at the Finance, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and then a full vote of council.

The legislation was amended during the Utilities hearing, requiring the installations be at city-owned locations not powered by Cleveland Public Power, as well as reduced the time frame of purchasing the power created from the solar installations from a 25-year period to 5 years, with two 5 year options to renew.

“We want to ensure that the installation is correct, that it’s working correctly and finally that the city is starting to save energy,” said Councilman Brian Kazy, chair of the Utilities Committee, about the five year increments. “This is something I’ve been working on since 2019 to reduce our carbon admissions footprint.

“Ground sites had been identified throughout region more than two years ago, as well as some possible roof sites.”

Utilities Committee members also required the Office of Sustainability to ensure that materials, batteries, and other components purchased are in compliance with the specifications in the Inflation Reduction Act, which emphasizes American-made.

The federal Inflation Reduction Act includes funds to help state and local governments move to clean energy, as well as direct benefits to American families and seniors.

Utilities Committee members are also requiring the administration’s Sustainability Chief come back to the committee after design, but before installation of any of the ground or roof-top solar panels for review.

“The Utilities Committee members and Councilman Kazy have really studied the issue and the legislation that was introduced under the last administration and added amendments to make it stronger,” said Council President Blaine A. Griffin.