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Street Dedication in Honor of Fallen Officer Shane Bartek

Nov 05, 2022

Ward 8, Councilman Polensek, 5th District, honored fallen Officer Shane Bartek, with a street honorarium on his behalf November 5th.

While off duty, Officer Bartek was shot and killed during a carjacking. Councilman Polensek is adding this honorarium to the street of Utopia, near the intersection East 152 Street, because it is next to the 5th District Station where Bartek served and was held in high regards by his fellow officers.

“Officer Bartek and his family deserve this honor,” said Councilman Polensek. “He was killed needlessly. His dedication as a young officer needs to be a reminder to all of us that it is all our duty to protect and serve our fellow citizens and that his service shall not have been in vain. It shall also serve as a reminder that we need to be supportive of our ‘Men and Women in Blue’ who protect and serve us on a daily basis."