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Public Comment at Council Meetings

Sep 27, 2021

Public Comment at City Council meetings began at the Oct. 4th regular meeting.
Those wishing to speak can register online here:

Registration can also be done by paper form that can downloaded and emailed to Paper forms will also be available at Council offices. The entire registration form must be completed, including stating the topic they are commenting on.
Those wishing to make a public comment at an upcoming regular Monday night council meeting can sign up starting the Wednesday before at noon. Registrations prior to noon Wednesday will not be considered.
Registration for public comment will close at 2 pm on the Monday of a regular 7 pm Council meeting. 
Ten people will be able to speak for up to three minutes. If more than 10 people register during the open time, anyone after those 10 will be notified that they will not have an opportunity to speak at the meeting. There is no rollover list, so if someone missed out on the opportunity they will have to register for the following week.

Those wishing to submit written comments, but not speak publicly, can do so on the online form. Or they can email their statements to