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Police See Increased Pay and New Older Age to Apply

Dec 17, 2023

Several pieces of legislation to attract and hire more police were approved by Council in the final meetings of 2023. 

First Council approved legislation to increase the top pay for both Police Supervisors, as well as Patrol Officers and a higher hourly wage for Trainees as well as a $5,000 signing bonus payable over the first year of employment. Both the Fraternal Order of Police and the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association approved the contract change that also included agreeing to 12-hour shifts. 

The top pay of a patrol officer with five years of experience will increase from around $68,000 to more than $84,000 a year. The lowest-paid patrol officers will now make more than $62,600. Police supervisors will also see a bump in pay.

The wage increase comes with a change in the officers’ work day. They will move from a 10-hour shift to a 12-hour work day in an effort to increase the number of officers on duty while reducing overtime hours. Ord. Nos 1302- and 1303-2023 

Council also approved legislation to increase the age people can apply to be police officers or firefighters from 40 to up to 55 years of age.  State law requires all police to retire by the age of 65. Cleveland’s policy change will not affect the retirement cap. Ord. No. 1298-2023

All these pieces are to help recruit and retain Cleveland police, where the headcount has dropped to 1,191 officers – far below the city’s current target of 1,498.