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Oct 21, 2021

Nearly every council member this year has used a portion of their Casino Revenue Funds to help low and moderate income residents who are food insecure by giving funds to their local community development organizations to buy food cards or for organizations' hunger programs. That's true at most recent meeting (11/11) where the full council passed legislation for three council members to give funds for the purchase of food cards.

Council members receive 15% of the total amount the city of Cleveland receives in Casino Revenue funds. The money comes quarterly and the city puts its 85% into the General Fund. 

Most of the time legislation passing council members Casino Revenue funds expenditures is on first reading so  the money gets to the organizations as quickly as possible.

Other uses of the Casino Revenue Fund by council members this year include: senior lawn care programs;  beautification projects and art projects in the wards; youth programs including football and cheerleading; digital literacy programs; several council members give yearly to the Cleveland Restoration Society for the Heritage Home Program. 

Nearly every council member gave some funds in 2021 to the Broadway School of the Arts and Music for their Community Arts and Enrichment Program. And this year several gave funds to the Garden of the Eleven Angels Project for the park in honor of the women killed by a serial murderer. 

To see how council members use their Casino Revenue Funds go to: and put the words Casino Revenue in the search box.