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Feb 24, 2023

Calvary Hill Church of God in Christ on Woodhill Road has an amazing history, which will be safeguarded after Council members landmarked the building at a recent meeting (2/13).

The story of the church begins with the story of the United Brethren, founded in 1767, and the Evangelical Denomination organized in 1803 (the two later merged to form the Evangelical United Brethren Church). The building started out as the Calvary Evangelical United Brethren Church and was later renamed as the Calvary United Methodist Church.

These churches opened in other buildings and moved, because of size and circumstances including the creation of a rail line. The precursor to this church was called the Calvary Church of the Evangelical Association.

On September 20, 1908, the church at 2765 Woodhill Road was dedicated. In 1946 it was renamed as the Calvary United Methodist Church. 

In 1979 the church was sold and became what it is today, the Calvary Hill Church of God in Christ. Read more about the history of the church and the different denominations that were involved with it and the architectural significance of the building here.

Council President Blaine A. Griffin, whose ward the church is located, said the neighbors still call it the lighthouse on the hill.