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May 08, 2023

Members of the public will give testimony related to democracy on Monday, May 8th from 5 pm to 6:30 pm in Council Chambers. This is the third biennial observance of Democracy Day which will be moderated by Councilman Kris Harsh. 

Watch the testimony below:


In 2016 legislation was passed, after a citizen initiative, establishing Democracy Day in Cleveland. Members of the public are expected to give testimony as to how they believe political contributions from corporations may impact unions, Political Action Committees (PAC’s) and super-PAC’s in their political subdivisions.

The city's first Democracy Day was held in 2017 and the legislation required there to be a public meeting held biennially. 

Each participant has up to five minutes to speak. Read the legislation establishing Democracy Day. (There is an International Day of Democracy, this year it will be held Friday, Sept. 15th.)