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Feb 02, 2023

Cleveland, Ohio (February 2, 2023) - Councilwoman Rebecca Maurer is excited about the arrival of the 2023 budget and the upcoming hearings to discuss and approve the City’s budget. 

Every year in February and March, Cleveland City Council must thoroughly review and deliberate the Mayor’s budget before it is accepted and implemented. 

The budget determines everything about the city, from how much road salt we buy to how many employees we have to pick up garbage. Councilwoman Maurer wants to hear feedback, questions, and concerns from Ward 12 residents about the 2023 budget. 

Here’s how you can learn more about the budget and share your feedback. 

  1. Review the 2023 budget by clicking here
  2. Watch budget hearings beginning February 14 by clicking here
  3. Email Councilwoman Maurer with your questions and concerns about the budget by clicking here. You can also email the Mayor’s office by clicking here
  4. Sign up to share your comment at an upcoming City Council meeting by clicking here

Thank you for your help in making this budget the People’s Budget for Cleveland in 2023.