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Aug 01, 2023

Grass Mowing & Street Repaving

Councilwoman Maurer hosted community meetings this summer to hear from residents 

about two top areas of concern: vacant lot overgrowth and street repaving.

In June Councilwoman Maurer was joined by the Division of Parks Maintenance and Properties to share
information about the city's mowing process and get feedback from residents on the current program. 
It was a room filled with passionate neighbors who gave honest thoughts about the state of the vacant lots. 
The Councilwoman plans to use this feedback to find legislative solutions and think strategically about 
the 2024 budget. Check out media coverage here.

             Grass and lot mowing meeting                                         Road Repaving Meeting

Later in July, the street repaving meeting gathered the community together to learn about the city's 
street rating system and how repaving is financed. The Mayor's Office of Capital Projects (MOCAP) 
and the Department of Streets both joined to talk about funding and the different stages of street 
resurfacing. Residents participated in an activity to mock-select roads for repaving with small 
"budget blocks." The direct feedback from residents was important and will help the City as 
evaluates its current rating system and looks toward future changes.