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Councilman Polensek Gratified Liquor License Renewal Denied on Appeal

Jul 15, 2021

(Cleveland – July 15, 2021) – Councilman Mike Polensek is celebrating another step in his quest to ensure that a notorious gas station in his ward which has had numerous shootings, assaults, fights and at least two murders, doesn’t get a liquor license renewal.

Gas USA on the corner of St. Clair Ave. and E. 123rd St. appealed the initial denial for a liquor license renewal. “The renewal of this permit would burden police resources and substantially interfere with the public decency, sobriety, peace, or good order in this neighborhood,” the first denial stated.

The gas station appealed and the state Liquor Control Commission issued an order on July 9th affirming the decision by the Division of Liquor Control which denied the renewal. The gas station can appeal this decision to the Franklin County Common Pleas Court within 21 days, or by July 30, 2021.

“I will continue to fight this establishment – that’s been a major source of violence and numerous 911 calls - from getting a liquor license renewal until the last appeal,” said Ward 8 Councilman Mike Polensek. “I’m hopeful their appeals will soon run out.

“We refuse to accept this lawlessness in the Glenville neighborhood.” Councilman Polensek had testified at the Liquor Control hearing on the matter as had Councilman Anthony Hairston, whose Ward 10 is adjacent.

“I’m gratified we are one step closer to ensuring the gas station can no longer sell alcohol,” Councilman Hairston said.

The liquor commission, in its letter denying the renewal initially, reported that from “January of 2020 through December of 2020 there were 72 calls for police services to the Gas location.

These included the following: shots fired, felonious assaults, assaults, persons threatening with a weapon, loud noise, public intoxication, disturbances, drug overdoses, robberies, and (numerous) fights.

“The remaining 135 calls for service were directed to the East 123rd Street and St. Clair intersection. These included the following: shots fired, intoxicated persons, a pedestrian struck, parking violations, felonious assaults, drug overdoses, motor vehicle theft, persons threatening with a weapon, assaults, robberies, and fights.”

Councilman Polensek said the message should be sent that a liquor license is “not a right but a privilege and I call on all operators to run their establishments so that are respectful to the surrounding community.”

Contact Councilman Polensek for any further comment at 216-857-7363