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Council Members Told Leaf Pickup Cancelled and Residents to Bag Leaves

Nov 02, 2022

(Cleveland – Nov. 2, 2022) – Council members were recently informed that the Bibb administration has decided to cancel all leaf pickups throughout the city.

“We allocated money, and residents voted for an increase in income taxes, specifically to ensure that services such as leaf pickup continue and were actually expanded throughout the city,” said Councilman Kevin Bishop, chair of Council’s Municipal Services and Properties Committee. “I plan to hold a hearing on this issue and understand why Mayor Bibb is reducing resident services.”

Council has been told that the administration is asking residents to bag their leaves. However, at this late date many residents who expected leaf pickup have already raked their leaves to mounds on their tree lawns.

Council allocates money for programs and services, but it is up to the administration to actually provide or implement the services. Residents voted for Issue 32 in 2016 – an income tax increase – to ensure that roads were improved, that on-time snow plowing occurred, that leaf pickup continued and was expanded, that the services residents rely on were available.

“This was a decision that was made by the administration,” said Council President Blaine A. Griffin. “They have said it is because of capacity. Many people were looking forward to this service. Council has already received calls from angry constituents.”