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Council Meeting Highlights

Aug 18, 2021

Cleveland (August 18, 2021) – City Council today held its second of two summer recess meetings. It was the first in-person meeting since Covid-19 forced council to hold them virtually. Council’s weekly meeting schedule resumes September 20, both in-person and virtual.

Here are today’s highlights: *

Approved Council rule changes that will allow public comment at regular council meetings. An amendment added at today’s meeting requiring council to vote on the Clerk of Council’s public comment procedures means public comment will not start when council returns on Sept. 20th .

*Adopted legislation authorizing the city to enter into a $250,000 federal grant agreement with the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission to provide financial assistance to organize and administer programs for marketing the City of Cleveland as a venue for sporting events.

Since 2000, the sports commission has attracted or created 193 sports events, including the NFL Draft, resulting in an estimated economic impact of $664 million to the city. Ord. No. 550-2021.

*Approved legislation authorizing the city to accept a $350,000 grant from the Cleveland Foundation to help complete the unfinished African-American Cultural Garden along the northern stretch of Martin Luther King Blvd.

For decades, the garden has been in the works, but was plagued by scarce funding. The garden was established after a taskforce of prominent business and civic leaders and community activists was organized by Mayor Frank Jackson. The grant will allow the beginning of construction of Phase 2, estimated at $883,187. Ord. No. 536-2021.

*Adopted a resolution supporting Ohio Senate Bills 159 and 192 which would reduce certain property taxes on certain qualifying owner-occupied homes.

S.B. 159 would reduce property taxes on qualifying owner-occupied homes to the extent that property taxes increased by more than 5 percent from the previous year. S.B. 192 would reduce certain property taxes on owner-occupied homes to the extent that taxes increased by more than 10 percent per year. A school district may authorize that school district taxes are not reduced. Res. No. 586-2021.

*Approved legislation that submits to the Board of Elections a Charter amendment, established by initiative petition that Cleveland residents will vote on in November. The initiated Charter amendment is to establish certain police reforms, including adding new sections to the charter, including one regarding the Community Police Commission.

The commission, among other powers, has the final authority on disciplining police officers and police employees, has final authority over police policies, procedures and training, and has a budget of no less than $1 million annually and can enter into contracts or spend without legislative authority or approval from the executive branch. Currently, council approves any city expenditures over $50,000. The new amendments to the charter supersede all other charter sections that may conflict. Ord. No. 650-2021

*Introduced legislation to change the name of the Ken Johnson Recreation Center at 9206 Woodland Avenue to the Woodland Recreation Center. Ord. No. 713-2021.