Council Meeting Highlights (4/4/2022)

Apr 05, 2022

Cleveland (April 4, 2022) – City Council held its regular Monday meeting tonight, both in person in Council Chambers and through live streaming. The next council meeting is April 11.

Here are highlights:

Video Footage for Crime Fighting: Council approved legislation that would replace legislation, with a new expanded ordinance that would enable the Department of Public Safety to solicit home and business camera footage from areas where criminal activity has occurred, as well as solicit the footage from all vendors that provide similar home camera and security services. Earlier legislation had included only Ring camera footage.

It would allow investigators to get video from home and business cameras by working through whatever security company a business or resident may use for video surveillance. Access from the video would only apply to those  residents and businesses who agree that agree to it. Ord. 212-2020.

Council Opposes New State Gun Law; Urges its Repeal: Council passed a resolution strongly opposing a newly adopted state law that allows Ohioans 21 years and older to carry concealed handguns without a license and safety training.

The law, passed by the Ohio General Assembly and signed by Governor Mike DeWine last month, goes into effect in June. Current Ohio law requires a license to carry a concealed handgun across Ohio and includes eight hours of necessary safety and firing training, which will now be optional.

Council’s resolution notes that “while Cleveland works to reduce the number of guns that lead to violent crime, the State of Ohio’s deregulation of handguns will increase gun ownership and proliferation of unregulated guns in our community.” The resolution was sponsored by Councilman Charles Slife, with all of the council joining to be co-sponsors.

The gun bill was passed and signed over objections from law enforcement groups, including the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio. Council's resolution urges the Ohio General Assembly to repeal the law. Res. No. 291-2022.