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Council Meeting Highlights (4/18/2022)

Apr 18, 2022

Cleveland (April 18, 2022) – City Council held its regular Monday meeting tonight, both in person in Council Chambers and through live streaming. The next council meeting is Monday, April 25.

Here are the highlights:

City Contracts with Non-Profit for West Side Market: Council authorized the city to enter into a contract with Ohio City Incorporated to re-establish and continue to manage programs to benefit the city-owned West Side Market, for a period not to exceed two years. Ord. No. 209-2022

Marketing programs include: raising sponsorship funds to celebrate the Market’s Centennial; preparing for a Market Capital Campaign; planning events and programming to include coordinating special events for the Centennial and creating on-going programming including guided Market tours; and planning improvements that enhance the Market District, including managing a parking structure feasibility study and preparing plans to enhance open space.


Creating a Commission on Black Women and Girls:  Council introduced legislation that would create a new Commission on Black Women and Girls.

The measure, referred to the city’s law department before coming to a council committee for discussion, has the  backing of council members Stephanie Howse and Deborah Gray.

The legislation notes that a 2020 report by Bloomberg ranked Cleveland last in the nation in black women’s overall outcomes, last in black women’s educational outcomes, and second last in black women’s health outcomes. The legislation reads: “the City of Cleveland desires to ensure that every black woman and girl in the city has access to opportunities to achieve, social, health, and economic equality.

“Black women and girls deserve a venue where they may express their concerns, experiences, and challenges and where recommendations may be developed for programs, policies, and legislation that will improve the quality of life for black women and girls, which will also strengthen families and neighborhoods within the city.”

The commission will consist of a various members, including the mayor or his designee; one member of council; 12 people appointed by the mayor and approved by council; a representative of the faith community, the business community, a social worker, a representative from a college or university, college students and other representatives from varied backgrounds.

The Commission shall meet at least once a month and shall: serve in an advisory capacity to the Mayor on matters pertaining to the quality of life for black women and girls; conduct research and public hearings, and issue reports on the status of black women and girls in education, economic development, healthcare, justice, and civil rights; develop, maintain, and share information and referral service to respond to the needs of black women and girls; recommend policies, programs, or legislation to ensure equality rights and opportunities for all women; solicit grants or contributions on behalf of the City in furtherance and purposes of the Commission; and any other responsibility requested by the Mayor. Ord. No. 373-2022

Complete and Green Streets:  The Complete & Green Streets ordinance introduced by council tonight updates the City’s 2011 ordinance to create a new process to incorporate design elements in roadway projects that expand opportunities for travel via modes like walking, biking, and transit and minimize environmental harm within the City of Cleveland. The legislation establishes a 10- person Transportation Infrastructure Advisory Committee (TIAC). The legislation must go through various city departments including Capital Projects, Public Works, City Planning Commission, Finance, and Law; before coming to council for discussion. It’s schedule to go to Transportation and Mobility, Municipal Services and Properties, and Development Planning and Sustainability committees before it reaches Finance Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee. Ord. No. 370-2022