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Council Meeting Highlights

Jan 22, 2024

Cleveland (Jan. 22, 2024) - City Council held its regular meeting tonight, both in person in Council Chambers and live streamed. Council's next meeting  will be  Monday, Jan. 29th . Here are today’s highlights:

Cleveland Kitchen Expands: Council approved entering into a Job Creation Income Tax Credit Incentive Program agreement with Cleveland Kitchen for its expansion at 7501 Carnegie Ave. Currently they lease 20,199 SF (square feet), expanding into an additional 37,768 SF. Total SF after expansion = 57,967 SF. Cleveland Kitchen bought and is closing California facility that produced pickles and sauerkraut and is moving production to Cleveland, which will add about 80 new jobs. The company produces fermented foods including sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and dressing. The city is offering a 5-year, 50% payroll tax credit on the 2.5% income tax withheld by the employer. Councilman Richard Starr advocated for this project in his Ward, Ward 5.  Ord. No. 1369-2023

A New Cleveland Landmark: Designating the American Gas Association Appliance Testing Laboratory at 1030 East 62nd Street as a Cleveland Landmark. In 1925, Cleveland was chosen as the best location for the AGA Testing Laboratory because it’s central location relative to appliance manufacturers and a facility with supplies of both natural and manufactured gasses. Ord. No. 1383-2023

Land Swap for Improved Park: Council approved an agreement with Paisano Properties, Inc., for the exchange of properties needed for the City’s Lake Park Improvement Project. The swap includes selling a small lot to Paisano for $7,250. In doing the swap, the entrance to Lake Park will be relocated which will allow for a larger entrance to be more accessible with new signage, lighting, benches and landscaping. Councilmember Jenny Spencer advocated for this Ord. No. 1386-2023.

Help for the Homeless: After much discussion, Council approved $225,000 for seasonal emergency shelter funds for the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and Metanoia Project Inc. for the City’s unsheltered residents during the Winter season. Council amended the legislation to require monthly reports on the efforts. Ord. No. 80-2024