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Council Meeting Highlights

Oct 30, 2023

Cleveland (Oct. 30, 2023) - City Council held its regular meeting tonight, both in person in Council Chambers and live streamed. There is no Council Meeting on Monday, Nov. 6th. The next meeting is Monday, Nov. 13. Here are today’s highlights:

New Police Boat: Council approved the Division of Police purchase of a new police boat. The Division of Police received a Port Security grant for $625,592 to be used toward the funding of the boat. Additional funding of about $156,400 is needed to complete the purchase. The new police boat will be a significant upgrade over the current police boat and will include current technology and equipment. This will greatly increase their ability to respond to emerging threats and complement the capabilities of the federal, state, and local law enforcement partners resulting in a more secure port. Ord. No. 1005-2023

Travel Agents for the City: Council approved legislation requested by the Bibb administration to employ one or more travel agents to provide travel-booking services for a period of one year, with two one-year options to renew. The compensation for the services shall be fixed by the Board of Control. Ord. No. 1236-2023. The goal is to implement a citywide program to provide travel-booking services for City employees, including but not limited to, traveling for the following reasons:  

  • Training
  • National and International Conferences
  • Speaking Engagements 

Family Justice Center: Council approved supporting the Family Justice Center and to pay the County for a share of the costs of the center in Erieview Plaza where the center is located. The City of Cleveland, Department of Public Safety, the Cleveland Municipal Court and Cuyahoga County Public Safety & Justice Services cooperate in providing a Family Justice Center to serve victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and elder abuse. The model for the Family Justice Center is designed to address pitfalls commonly faced by victims, including an often fragmented assistance system. The services offered at the Family Justice Center will bridge the gap by offering collaborative, victim-centered services with increased data and information sharing capabilities. The city’s cost the first year is $189,000 in rent plus $18,750 for utilities and building maintenance  and increases over the next several years. Ord. No. 1004-2023 


Construction Reform: Council President Blaine A. Griffin (and MOCAP) introduced construction reform legislation to specify types of alternative construction delivery methods available to the City for public improvements and give developers more tools. Community benefits will be included in determining the best proposal. Along with the Community Benefits ordinance passed in June, this ordinance is packaged with American Rescue Plan Act funding for workforce development, ARPA funding for bonding relief for minority and small contractors, and the development a scorecard evaluation process for determining community benefits. Together these initiatives will maximize benefits to city neighborhoods and residents, and build capacity and meaningful opportunities for minority, female and small business contractors in development projects. The legislation will first go to the Directors of Capital Projects, Public Works, Port Control, Public Utilities, Finance, and Law before coming back to Council Committees Municipal Services and Properties, and Finance Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Ord. No. 1256-2023