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Council Meeting Highlights

Nov 20, 2023

Cleveland (Nov. 20, 2023) - City Council held its regular meeting tonight, both in person in Council Chambers and live streamed. The next meeting is Monday, Nov. 27th. Here are today’s highlights

Taking Care of Nuisance Property: Council approved legislation that toughens up action the city can take for properties declared a “public nuisance.” The current authority allows for boarding up and demolition of the unsafe structures on the premises. The new ordinance will allow for an expanded ability to contract for repair of the property conditions that constitute the nuisance. Owners will be billed for the repair work. These actions will be undertaken by the Director of Building and Housing. Ord. No. 1022-2023

Eagle Avenue Lift Bridge to be Demolished: Council gave consent to the Ohio Department of Transportation to demolish and remove the Eagle Avenue lift bridge over the Cuyahoga River. The city will provide a local share of $752,061 for the demolition. The Eagle Avenue Lift Bridge was inspected in 2022, and preliminary engineering indicated full removal of the structure was required due to failure of its vertical elements. The entire cost for the demolition and removal is nearly $3.3 million. Ord. No. 1088-2023

Three Important Projects in Ward 4 sponsored by Councilwoman Deborah Gray

Council approved providing $100,000 grant for Serenity Health and Wellness Corporation to partially finance renovation of its youth home and behavioral health facility.  Ord. No. 1158-2023

Council approved providing $161,500 grant for the Building and Construction Initiative to partially finance completion of renovation of commercial space on Kinsman Road that will then offer resident training in the construction trades. Ord. No. 1189-2023

Council approved providing $287,500 grant to Urban Bridges dba Envision Cleveland to partially finance construction of a vocational training center on Kinsman Road that will offer residents free programming and job skills training, workshops on homeownership and maintenance, as well as hands on job-skills training and paid pre-apprenticeship opportunities for those who want to pursue skilled trades work, and six-week welding certification opportunities. Ord. No. 1234-2023