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Council Highlights – January 9, 2023 - Correction

Jan 09, 2023

Cleveland (January 9, 2023) - Council returned from its winter recess on January 9, holding its first meeting since December 9, 2022. During the meeting, Council accepted the resignation of Councilman Brian Mooney (Ward 11) and voted to appoint well-known community member Danny Kelly to replace him effective January 12, 2023.

At the January 9 meeting, Council did not approve:

Superior Avenue Midway Bikeway: Council approved the project, which entails construction of a separated bikeway and enhancements along the center of Superior Avenue from Public Square to East 55th Street, approximately 2.5 miles.

Called the “Superior Midway” the project includes a 10-foot wide separated bikeway within a new 26-foot wide median in the center of Superior Ave. Eight-foot buffers on both sides of the all-purpose path will protect users from car traffic. The median also functions as a traffic calming measure.

The improvements also include resurfacing, curb ramps, landscaping, pavement markings and signage. The project is expected to cost more than $24 million with federal funds picking up about three-fourths of the cost.  Ord. No. 1144-2022

Remaking Lorain Avenue: Council approved the city’s reconstruction plan for Lorain Avenue from West 65th Street to West 20th Street, 1.8 miles.

The improvements include new pavement, curb, walk, and driveway aprons, upgrade catch basins, ADA compliant ramps at all locations, new water line, traffic signal improvements, and new pavement markings. A new separated bikeway will be installed next to the sidewalk with a buffer from car traffic.  The construction costs are estimated at more than $30 million. There is a current funding shortfall, and the city hopes to receive federal grants from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will make up the remainder.


Council also introduced 30 pieces of legislation at the meeting. Summaries for each piece of legislation is available at An overview of a few key pieces of legislation is below.

Funding Support for Say Yes Cleveland: Council heard legislation that would allocate $600,000 in funding to Say Yes Cleveland for Family Support Specialists. Say Yes Cleveland provides wraparound services to Cleveland Metropolitan School District students and families to assist them in achieving in their schools and in college and or work. The legislation will go to Directors of Finance and Law; and then to Council Committees on Workforce Education Training and Youth Development, Finance Diversity Equity and Inclusion before going to a full vote of council. Ord. No. 52-2023

Authorizing purchase of future police HQ: Council received legislation requesting approval for the Mayor’s Administration to purchase the building and land of the future police headquarters, located at 2350-2570 Superior Avenue. The cost of the headquarters is not to exceed $90 million. This legislation will go to the Directors of Capital Projects, Public Safety, Public Works, City Planning Commission, Finance, and Law and then go to Council Committees on Municipal Services and Properties, Safety, Development Planning and Sustainability, Finance Diversity Equity and Inclusion before going to full vote of the council. Ord. No 54-2023

Airport and Port Control Maintenance: Seven pieces of legislation were introduced for the regular maintenance and operation of Hopkins and Burke Lakefront Airports.