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Cleveland City Council Statement on Issue 38 Results

Nov 08, 2023

The voters of Cleveland spoke last night at the ballot box. And their collective voices demonstrated they believe in quality services, public safety, and in the values of representative democracy. Our voters’ commitment to Cleveland’s future and commitment to responsible governance is truly commendable - and this body does not take your votes and your faith lightly. City Council is grateful for the people's trust, belief, and partnership in democracy. 

In this age of ever-evolving challenges, community involvement is crucial. The members of this body engage with our residents every day - from social media to run-ins at the grocery stores to ward meetings and beyond. Participatory budgeting, as an idea, sought to give citizens a direct say in how public funds are allocated. We recognize the need to engage the public and will continue improving how and when we do it as we move forward as a body.

Though Council members were up front and center with our opposition to participatory budgeting, we know it took more than our actions and words to make it happen. We strategically worked with our safety unions - the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 8, Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, International Association of Cleveland Fire Fighters Local 93, Cleveland Association of Rescue Employees - as well as with our partners in organized labor at AFSCME Ohio Council 8, the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council, and the North Shore AFL-CIO Federation of Labor to communicate the importance of voting no and to demonstrate how this issue would negatively impact safety and services here in Cleveland. Together, we demonstrated the power of a collective voice is much stronger than the voice of any one individual. 

Issue 38 revealed we need to do more work on civic engagement, participation, and awareness. We will build coalitions to make this happen. We are indebted to you - the voters -  for your commitment and willingness. We will continue working with labor, partners, and most importantly our residents for a better Cleveland for all.