City to Donate Needed Supplies to Ukraine

Apr 11, 2022

Cleveland (April 11, 2022) – The city is taking steps to donate 200 of its ballistic vests and various non-controlled medications for humanitarian aid and rescue efforts in Ukraine.

The vests and medications – no longer needed here – will be donated through the Ohio National Guard.

“I want to thank Mayor Justin M. Bibb, his staff and the police chief,” said Councilman Mike Polensek, who last week called for the city to donate what they could. “And I want to thank Council President Blaine A. Griffin for moving this legislation under suspension.” The legislation will be introduced and passed “under suspension” at the 7 pm council meeting tonight.

“The City is grateful to have the opportunity to do anything that might make a difference for Ukrainians in this horrific situation,” Mayor Bibb said. “Thank you to Councilman Polensek for his leadership, to the Council President, the police department and the community leaders involved in making this donation possible.”

Cleveland and the area are home to many Ukrainian Americans who are supporting friends and relatives and many are preparing to accept Ukrainian refugees. Councilman Polensek said Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan had recently held a meeting on the needs of Ukraine and what more could be done to help, which the councilman attended.

“Anything we can do to be helpful to Ukrainian citizens who are fleeing for their lives from Russian invaders,” said Councilman Polensek.  “The world cannot just sit and watch the atrocities and war crimes broadcast daily out of Ukraine. Every nation, state and city must come together to stop this carnage.”

Contact: Councilman Mike Polensek at 216-664-4236