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City Council Leadership Responds to Violent Night in Cleveland

Jul 10, 2023

Cleveland (July 9, 2023) - The city was traumatized last night by acts of violence that led to numerous people being injured, some seriously.


Every injury or death from gun violence affects us all and diminishes us as a community. Last night’s tragedies are no exception. We cannot tolerate the violence we are experiencing. We are better than this as a community.


We’re keeping these and all victims of crimes top of mind and we are hoping and praying for the best. 


Gun violence and violent crime are a Cleveland - and a national - problem. And Council is committed to working with our community, with the mayor, and our division of police to prevent and reduce violent crime. 


Council has approved tens of millions of dollars for public safety and crime prevention strategies and initiatives. Recently Council approved nearly $3 million to expanding ShotSpotter technology to identify areas in the city where gun shots are occurring. Council has allocated funding for police car dashcams, as well as for safety and security cameras around the city. Council also approved $10 million dollars to go to crime prevention initiatives.


We are advocating that the administration reach out to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s office and the County Sheriff, as well the U.S. Marshal, FBI, Columbus and DC for support at the state and national levels.


We can’t eliminate this violence problem alone. We need the community, the residents to do their part as well. Over the summer and beyond we’ll work to forge partnerships with people and organizations to make Cleveland safer.


Cleveland City Council Leadership consists of Council President Blaine A. Griffin (Ward 6), Majority Leader Kerry McCormack (Ward3), and Majority Whip Jasmin Santana (Ward 14).