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Feb 03, 2022

The 2022 Mayor’s (Budget) Estimate arrived – Feb. 1st – as required by the City Charter. Review the budget here:

Council hearings on the annual budget will begin February 22nd, the day after Presidents’ Day, as has been the custom.

Prior to hearings on the general budget, council will hold hearings on the federal Community Block Grant funds starting at 9 am each day, February 8th through February 10th. Review the 2022 CDBG briefing book. 

On Friday, Feb. 11 council will hold a budget retreat, as has been tradition, from 10 am to 3 pm.

During the hearings, which are scheduled for two weeks, council members will hear from every city department and division. Council has the power, and often makes changes to the spending plan.

By law, council must approve the budget – including any changes – in March so that it is finalized as required by state law by April 1st. Passage of the budget requires three readings but cannot be changed after the second reading. The budget must “sit” or “layover” for seven days after publication in the City Record.

Council President Blaine A. Griffin has stated that legislation will be kept to a minimum until after the budget hearings. 

The public can watch the CDBG and Budget hearings live on TV20 at TV20 - Watch Live ( or live or later on Council's YouTube page at