May 02, 2022

Residents, who hadn't previously signed up, must opt-in to receive curbside recycling services. Recyling starts for those who've already signed up the week of June 13th.

To enroll, residents have until July 31st. (If you've already opted-in, you're in.)

To enroll complete the online form at or call 216.664.3030. 

Enrolled households will receive a welcome booklet with 3 sticker inserts. These stickers must be placed on your City blue recycling cart to be identified as enrolled in the recycling program. The welcome book will first be sent to those who previously opted in. 

If you need to replace a damaged blue cart, please call 216.664.3711 or 3-1-1. Please be aware of two important things: 

  • Trash will still be collected in the blue bins until stickers have been placed to show you have opted-in to the recycling program.
  • If you don't sign up for recycling, the city will remove the blue recycling bin sometime after July 31st.

More information on what can be recycled, frequently asked questions and more - read this.

You can also find information on the program here: Recycling - Sustainable Cleveland.