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Jul 18, 2023

City of Cleveland employees are now eligible for paid parental leave, giving families a new, needed benefit after the birth or adoption, after Council recently pass legislation adding this benefit. 

While Council members began advocating for this benefit during the last administration, Councilman Charles Slife, who initially sponsored the bill, contacted the Bibb administration soon after they took office to pitch this added benefit to city of Cleveland employees. 

The legislation provides eligible employees (regular full-time annual and hourly rate) with up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave in connection with the birth of an employee’s son or daughter or the placement of a son or daughter with an employee for adoption or legal guardianship.

Studies have shown similar policies have various long-term organizational benefits such as reduced turnover costs, improved employee morale, increased worker productivity, and more success in recruiting. The paid leave will be additional time off that won’t affect other balances, such as sick or vacation time, that employees have already earned. They will also continue to accrue time and maintain their benefits while on leave

In addition, parents are entitled to up to 20 hours of paid leave for prenatal care appointments or pre-adoption appointments, and leave can be accessed by employees who experience pregnancy loss. The policy is available to all full-time, non-union City of Cleveland employees. It is the city’s intent that this new benefit will be made available to union employees as negotiations for bargaining agreements continue.

Ultimately all council members sponsored the legislation. It was amended to add a working committee, suggested by Councilwoman Stephanie Howse, with the Administration and stakeholders, including Council representatives, the Mayor’s Office, Department of Human Resources and Law, labor representatives, and subject area experts to develop a City Paid Family and Medical Leave policy. Ord. No. 630-2023