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Apr 20, 2023

A new rental assistance program for residents will be available soon after council recently passed legislation approving the help for Clevelanders now that the federal aid from the American Rescue Plan Act has ended.  

The $5 million council passed to provide CHN Housing Partners, will help residents over the next few years. 

These general fund dollars had been preserved to allow for the post pandemic rental assistance program to help families out of housing instability and get into housing that is affordable based on their income. Eligibility would be limited to those making 80% or less of area median income. The funds will go to: 

  • Security deposits, equal to one month’s rent (grant or loan)
  • Forward rent, up to 3 months (grant)
  • Direct administrative costs (grant)

An important part of the program would be CHN’s “housing navigation” services for renters who need to move, including those who are potentially at risk of eviction, or those who haven’t been able to resolve disputes with their current landlord and are searching for a new place to live. (CHN will help link renters at risk of eviction with the free program that provides free legal aid for families.)

Housing “navigators” would help those people find suitable rental properties, so they can maintain stable housing. That could include personal finance and budget counseling, where navigators would help renters understand how much they can afford for rent. It could include search advice, where navigators help renters spot and avoid scam rental listings.  

It could also include linking renters directly with suitable landlords. (Ord. No. 396-2023)

CHN was contracted with to allocate the nearly $100 million in federal rental assistance that flowed into Cuyahoga County and Cleveland throughout the pandemic helping about 21,000 households. For more information and to find out about the applications go to: or call (216) 574-7100.