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Little Free Libraries in the Neighborhood Celebrated by Councilwoman Santana

Oct 04, 2023

Cleveland (Oct. 4, 2023) -Join Councilwoman Jasmin Santana and a member of Cleveland’s Fire Division 2 pm Thursday (10/5) to celebrate the installation of six Little Free Libraries near and throughout Ward 14 and at Fire Station #20 in Brooklyn Centre.

 Each year, Councilwoman Santana supports a neighborhood program called Painting a Better Picture to showcase and highlight neighborhood art and greenery, to literally paint a better picture of the neighborhood.  

 This year’s Painting A Better Picture had two parts - a family fun day and installation of six little free libraries painted by artists in the neighborhood. 

“As part of Painting a Better Picture, we include art, including  installations in community gardens, murals in the Ward and this year we thought our great artists would do a fabulous job painting these Free Little Libraries,” said Councilwoman Santana. “But this year we also focused on literacy and ensuring families have books that ‘speak’ to them in their homes. Having books at home is so crucial to improving literacy for children and adults.

“These Free Little Libraries will allow children and adults passing by to bring home books that interest them. That’s the key.”

In fact, the Little Free Libraries were installed where families from the neighborhood pass by. Councilwoman Santana is loading books into the library, including Spanish-language children’s books and plans to add other multi-cultural books for all families.

“I commend Councilwoman Santana for this fantastic effort,” said Councilwoman Rebecca Maurer, “Fire Station #20 is a landmark in our Brooklyn Centre community and the new Little Free Library that Councilwoman Santana has sponsored will be a great addition.”

In addition to Fire Station #20 at 3765 Pearl Rd, the locations for the other Little Free Libraries for people who want to donate books or other supplies are: 3167 Fulton Rd., 3789 W. 39th St., 6209 Storer Ave., 3153 W. 73rd, and 3340 Trowbridge Ave. 

Who: Ward 14 Councilwoman Jasmin Santana, Lt. Mike Norman from Fire Station #20 and Public Information Officer for the Division of Fire.  

What: Filling a Little Free Library and discussing investing in literacy and having cultural appropriate books for families

When:  2 pm Thursday, Oct. 5 at Cleveland Fire Station #20 at 3765 Pearl Rd. 

Contact Councilwoman Santana at 216-664-4238