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Effort Underway to Reduce Lake Avenue Speed Limit

May 02, 2024

The City of Cleveland applauds the City of Lakewood's success in reducing the speed limit on its section of Lake Avenue from 35 mph to 30 mph (officially June 3rd), after completing the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT's) required process and obtaining necessary approvals. City of Cleveland officials are in the process of requesting a similar speed reduction on Lake Avenue in Cleveland. 

The City of Cleveland has met with ODOT and has completed the process of collecting the necessary data to apply for a speed limit reduction. The City will request that the speed limit is lowered on Lake Avenue from 35 mph to 30 mph between West 117th Street and Detroit Avenue, a distance of approximately 1.7 miles, and anticipates a decision in the coming months.

"Residents on Lake Avenue have long advocated for a speed limit reduction, in acknowledgement of the residential character of this street and the variety of users who live and play here, including cyclists and families with young children," says Councilmember Jenny Spencer. "I fully support a speed limit reduction which will make Lake Avenue safer through both Lakewood and Cleveland, and I'm grateful for the team at the City of Cleveland who is putting the steps in place to make this possible."

Small declines in speed can make a big impact on road safety, and lower speed limits contribute to safer streets for all users. The independent non-profit organization Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS, found that lowering speed limits by 5 to 10 miles per hour reduced the likelihood that a crash would cause injuries by a fifth.

"Lowering speed limits on streets like Lake Avenue helps create safer neighborhoods for Clevelanders, and makes it more comfortable to walk and bike," says Calley Mersmann, Mayor Bibb's Senior Strategist for Transit & Mobility. "This speed limit reduction is in strong alignment with our transportation and safety goals, including our Vision Zero work to eliminate traffic crashes leading to serious injury or death. We look forward to working with ODOT to complete the adjustment process."