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Debate on Issue 38

Sep 25, 2023

Cleveland (Sept. 25, 2023) – All are welcome to attend a debate on Issue 38 at 6 pm tomorrow (9/26) in the Little Theater inside Public Auditorium.

Issue 38 is the Cleveland Charter amendment that will be voted on Nov. 7th. It would require the city to allocate 2% of the city’s General Fund – this year that equals a little more than $14 million – to be set aside for a PB Fund that will results in layoffs and cuts to city services.  

Ward 13 Councilman Kris Harsh, who worked as a community organizer for many years before being elected, asked the supporters of Issue 38 to a debate. Councilman Harsh will be joined by Robyn Kaltenbach as his debate partner. She is a Ward 13 resident who works in the non-profit sector and holds a Masters in Communications from Ohio University.  

The proponents debating for passage of Issue 38 are Aleena Starks and Jonathan Welle, both of whom are members of the People’s Budget petition committee.  

Debate details: 

  • The doors to the Little Theater will open at about 5:30 pm. The doors are on E. Mall Drive along Public Auditorium. Note E. Mall Drive is one way running north from St. Clair to Lakeside avenues. Public Auditorium is at 500 Lakeside Ave. (There will be signs directing to the doors.) 
  • No food or drink are allowed in the Little Theater. Nothing that can be used as a weapon can be brought in. An explanation of how the debate will work will be available when attendees enter. 
  • Attendees that park in the Willard Park Garage across the street behind City Hall can receive a ticket that will discount the parking price to $5. You must get the discount ticket in the theater. There will be 150 available. 

The debate will be livestreamed on TV20 - and on Council’s YouTube – (It can also be viewed later on YouTube.)  

Questions? Contact Joan Mazzolini at or 216-857-7037