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Jan 17, 2023

Cleveland, OH (January 17, 2023) 

Cleveland City Council’s Development Planning and Sustainability Committee approved Ordinance 1144-2022 and 1201-2022, advancing the improvement of Cleveland streets. Cleveland residents and businesses use multiple forms of transportation. The midway projects will include new accommodations for pedestrians, vehicles, transit, and bicyclists.  

The Superior Midway will serve as the City’s pilot midway project. The Lorain Midway is moving into the design phase and will be completed after the Superior Midway. Fundraising for the completion of the Lorain Midway is ongoing.  

Both ordinances will head to the Finance, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee before being heard by and voted on by the entire City Council.   

The Superior Midway includes 2.5 miles of the street and will stretch from Public Square to East 55th Street. Construction of the Midway is expected to begin in Summer 2025 and be completed by October 2026. Updates on the Superior Midway are available at

The Lorain Midway includes 1.8 miles of Lorain Avenue, from West 65th Street to West 20th Street. The estimated construction cost is approximately $30.2 million. The city has raised nearly $15 million of the estimated cost for the construction. The preliminary design for the Lorain Midway is scheduled to last from June 2023 to December 2024. The final design and construction will be completed at a date to be determined.  

The Development, Planning and Sustainability Committee also approved Ordinance 1212-2022, which authorizes the sale of city-owned property on West 22nd Street, and heard Resolution 1285-2022, which declared the city’s intent to vacate a portion of the Detroit Superior Viaduct for future commercial development. 

The members of the Development, Planning and Sustainability Committee are Council members Chair Anthony Hairston, Vice Chair Jasmin Santana, Kris Harsh, Stephanie Howse, Kerry McCormack, Jenny Spencer, and Joseph T. Jones.