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Councilman Richard Starr and Council President Blaine A. Griffin meet with Hospital and Foundation Leadership to Discuss the Future of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center

Sep 16, 2022

Cleveland (Sept. 16, 2022) - Yesterday, Councilman Richard Starr and Council President Blaine A. Griffin met with leaders from the Sisters of Charity Health System and Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland to advocate for Ward 5 residents and learn more about their plans for St. Vincent Charity Medical Center.

During the meeting, Councilman Starr stressed the importance of having St. Vincent Charity and the Sisters of Charity Foundation active in Central and nearby neighborhoods. Councilman Starr shared that many community members expressed concerns about the hospital leaving. He sought reassurance that the hospital will continue providing healthcare, and that both will continue to provide social, and cultural support to ensure Central and Ward 5 can grow and thrive.

The Sisters of Charity Health System officials committed to continuing its behavioral health services at Rosary Hall for community members needing treatment and recovery, primary care services for residents and families, and urgent care services for those needing immediate medical attention. Behavioral health, primary care, and urgent care are the most utilized services at St. Vincent by Ward 5 residents. Councilman Starr reiterated the importance of keeping these services local and pushed for the Hospital and Foundation to assist elsewhere.

The Hospital and Foundation assured the councilman they are actively engaging and bringing new partners to the table to make the reimagined St. Vincent Charity Health Campus a reality.

The Hospital and Foundation leadership noted the additional ways they serve the community. This includes the recent opening of Mary’s Home, a facility dedicated to medically fragile and unhoused women, providing more affordable internet access by partnering with ConnectedNEO, and addressing food insecurity with partnering local agencies. They are also actively working to bring increased green space, family gathering spaces, and crisis & recovery centers. These new partnerships, services, and programs will bring an additional $50 million to $200 million in investments to the new St. Vincent Charity Health Campus, allowing the Foundation better to address the community’s social determinants of health.

Councilman Starr also expressed concern for the 600 workers impacted by St. Vincent Charity Medical Center’s restructuring decision. Recognizing that many of these workers rely on their employment to provide for their families, he encouraged the Hospital and Foundation to partner with other local healthcare providers for a job fair for these workers.

During the meeting, Councilman Starr shared, “I look forward to increased communication and partnership between City Council, the Hospital, the Foundation, and other local partners to address the healthcare needs of my community. Cooperation and communication are key to building a healthier, stronger Ward 5.”

Sister Judith Ann Karam, former president and CEO of the Sisters of Charity Health System and Congregational Leader for the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, stated, “We’re planning together for the future and continuing our service to this community. We are here to stay. We’ve called Central our home since 1865. Despite the recent sad news, we are hopeful and confident that our services to this community will demonstrate that we are more than a partner. We are also your neighbors.”

Councilman Starr will work with Hospital and Foundation leadership to schedule community meetings to hear feedback about plans for the future. Council staff will share that information as it becomes available.