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Feb 16, 2023

Cleveland, OH (February 16, 2023) - Councilman Kerry McCormack (Ward 3) will travel to Jakarta, Indonesia on February 18, 2023 as part of the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) exchange program.

The placement is an exchange sponsored by the ACYPL, the U.S. State Department, and the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia.

During his seven-day placement in Jakarta, Councilman McCormack will work in the office of the Cabinet Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia. The Cabinet Secretariat is a government agency working directly beneath and answerable to the President of Indonesia. Its duties are to provide governance support for Indonesia’s president and vice president in managing the cabinet.

During the exchange, Councilman McCormack will be sharing information on local governments in the United States and will be presenting on the local policy-making process in Cleveland to the Presidential Cabinet of the Republic of Indonesia. The placement will also serve as an opportunity to build economic and cultural connections between Cleveland and Indonesia.

In June 2022, Councilman McCormack hosted Andhi Iskandar, the Cabinet Secretariat’s head of planning and budgeting subdivision in his office as a part of this ongoing exchange program.

Speaking on the trip, Councilman McCormack shared, “This travel to Indonesia gives me the opportunity to share what makes Cleveland so special on a global stage! I am honored and humbled to represent Cleveland and the United States in the fourth-largest country in the world. I’m looking forward to learning more about Jakarta’s people, culture, and government - and bringing that knowledge back home to work for a better Cleveland.”

Our own Councilwoman Stephanie Howse is a proud 2016 alumnus of the ACYPL. She's visited Tunisia and Qatar with the organization. 

Other notable and prominent elected officials and alumni of the ACYPL exchange program are United States Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), and Assistant Democratic Leader Representative James Clyburn (D-SC).