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Council Members Urge Safety Director to Meet with Suburban Police Departments About Chase Policies

Aug 28, 2023

Cleveland, OH (August 28, 2023) - Over the weekend, Parma police chased a vehicle up State Route 176 from Parma into Cleveland, resulting in a car crash that killed two people inside the vehicle and injured two others.

This most recent chase from Parma police into Cleveland is not an isolated incident. 

This past Thursday, Parma police chased a car up Pearl Road into Cleveland, resulting in a crash a few hundred feet from an elementary school that sent multiple people to the hospital. You can find many other examples of Parma’s repeated pattern of chase

The Parma chase is not unique. Recently, multiple suburban police department chases have ended in Cleveland crashes. The underlying issue is the recent explosion in stolen vehicles across the region and country. 

These incidents have reasonably raised questions among Cleveland residents about the risks they are being put at by the actions of a neighboring police department. 

Councilmembers Kris Harsh, Rebecca Maurer and Mike Polensek are calling for a meeting between Councilmembers, Cleveland’s Safety Director and Parma leaders, as well as other suburban communities, to discuss the interjurisdictional chase policy and steps that can be taken to ensure the safety of residents in both cities. 

“We know that we cannot dictate police’s discretion to pursue suspects to a neighboring city,” Councilman Harsh said, But these repeated incidents have raised many questions about pursuit policy.”  

“It’s time for a candid conversation about the impact of these chases on the larger community,” added Councilwoman Maurer, “This is about mutual respect and safety between our cities.” 

Councilman Polensek, chair of Council’s Safety Committee said, “It goes without saying we support the police attempting to apprehend the perpetrators of criminal activity. We want to make sure it’s coordinated with other police departments.

“This only reinforces the need to have Cleveland police helicopters available on demand so pursuits are limited.”