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Council Meeting Highlights

Apr 01, 2024

Cleveland (April 1, 2024) - City Council held its regular meeting tonight, both in person in Council Chambers and live streamed. Council's next meeting will be Monday, April 15th. There is no meeting on April 8th. (Reminder it’s Eclipse Day.) Here are today’s highlights:

Refinancing Debt for Savings: Council approved four pieces of legislation that allows the city to refinance bond debt the city had taken out that can be refinanced at a lower rate over the next three years. The aim is to obtain debt service savings or restructure the City’s outstanding debts for a lower rate. Ord. Nos 315, 316, 317 and 318-2024.

First Step of Hopkins Masterplan Renovation: Council approved the city to go out for $175 million in revolving lines of credit and/or other short-term debt. This debt will be fully paid for by the airlines who agreed to fund first phase of Hopkins International Airport’s master plan at a cost of $175 million. The initial $175 million encompasses limited construction and more detailed planning on the master plan which will ultimately remake and renovate the airport. Ord. No. 319-2024


Restrictions on sports team owners: Legislation was introduced, sponsored by Councilman Brian Kazy, directing the city’s Law Director to fully enforce a state law passed in 1996 - after the Browns announced a move from the city - that puts conditions and restrictions on sports team owners who use tax-supported facilities and receive financial support from the city. The so-called “Art Modell” state law was sponsored by then-state senator Dennis Kucinich in response to the team moving to Baltimore. The Browns lease on the city-owned stadium is up in 2028. Ord. No. 391-2024