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Council Meeting Highlights

Mar 18, 2024

Cleveland (March 18, 2024) - City Council held its regular meeting tonight, both in person in Council Chambers and live streamed. Council's next meeting will be Monday, March 25th. Here are today’s highlights:

2024 Budget Passed: Council passed the city’s 2024 budget, that includes a $779,212,735 General Fund. The total city budget, which includes the Special Revenue Funds, Internal Service Funds, Enterprise Fund, Agency Fund and Debt Service Funds comes to $2,060,216,048.  

Making Homes Safe: Council approved the Director of Public Safety accepting a grant of $77,619.04  from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security from the Fire Prevention and Safety Grant Program. The grant funding will go towards the purchase of  smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, including installation and installation tools. Cleveland is required to provide matching funds of $3,880.96. The grant program is specifically designed to assist fire prevention programs. Cleveland’s Fire Department wants to be more proactive in providing residents with smoke detectors with 10-year batteries and carbon monoxide detectors so applied for this federal grant. The Red Cross partners with the city to also provide these detectors. Ord. No. 158-2024

Firefighters Health: Council approved the Director of Public Safety to accept a grant in the amount of $812,404.47 from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant. Cleveland must to provide $81,240.45 in matching funds. The funding will be used to conduct cancer and behavioral health screenings and medical and fitness evaluations and expanding health and cancer screenings. Ord. No. 165-2024