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Council Meeting Highlights

Nov 27, 2023

Cleveland (Nov. 27, 2023) - City Council held its regular meeting tonight, both in person in Council Chambers and live streamed. The next meeting is Monday, Dec. 4th. That will be the last Council Meeting of the year. Here are today’s highlights:

TIF Projects Extended: Council approved legislation that extends the Tax Increment Financing on five projects for an additional 30 years after the original TIFs expire. The state legislature passed this extension period. Once expired on the initial projects, the TIF extensions instead will generate revenue for the city of Cleveland for public infrastructure and economic development. The extension also allows the city to use the TIFs to be expended outside the location where the original TIF development took place. Ord. No. 1299-2023

Increased Pay for Police Patrol Officers and Police Supervisors: Council approved two pieces of legislation to increase the top pay for both Police Supervisors, as well as Patrol Officers and a higher hourly wage for Trainees as well as a $5,000 signing bonus payable over the first year of employment. Both the Fraternal Order of Police and the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association approved the contract change that also included agreeing to 12-hour shifts. Ord. Nos 1302- and 1303-2023 

Cleveland Riverfront Masterplan: Council approved legislation authorizing the city to apply for and accept funding to implement the Bedrock Development Project, aka, Cleveland Riverfront Masterplan. Bedrock plans to begin construction in the spring. The legislation allows the city to enter into one or more Professional Service contracts, to enter into agreements with private utilities, NEORSD, Railroads and GCRTA and to accept funds from all these entities. It also authorizes the city to apply for and accept federal funds, grants, and gifts from any public or private organization as well as cash contributions. The Cuyahoga Riverfront Development includes the construction of roadway and bridge improvements. Ord. No. 1343-2023