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Council Meeting Highlights (10/24/2022)

Oct 24, 2022

Cleveland (Oct. 24, 2022) – City Council held its regular Monday meeting tonight, both in person in Council Chambers and through live streaming.  The next regular meeting will be Monday Nov. 7th. There will be no council meeting on Oct. 31st. Here are tonight’s highlights:

Time and Space Restored and Soon Reinstalled: In 1956, artist Viktor Schreckengost was commissioned to design an art piece that would be installed on the then, newly renovated Hopkins airport entrance. Sixty-five years later, the Art Preservation Committee of the City of Cleveland restored the sculpture with the intent of installing it on the renovated façade that was completed in 2016. The sculpture consists of 15 pieces and was fully restored by ICA. The pandemic delayed the installation project in 2020 and the funds were reallocated. Council approved spending nearly $159,000 to have the art piece installed. Ord. No. 866-2022

Making Cleveland Homes Lead Safe: Council agreed to amend legislation (Ord. No. 119-2022) that had approved an allocation of $17 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding to the Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation to be used with Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition in ensuring rental properties and other homes built before 1978 are lead safe. Instead, now $3 million of the $17 million will be allotted to Community Development for abatement gap financing the department will offer homeowners. Another $1 million will go toward the Departments of Law and Building and Housing to do more code enforcement. The remainder, $13 million, goes to Mt. Sinai for Lead Safe Cleveland. Ord. No. 995-2022

National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week: Council President Blaine A. Griffin sponsored a resolution to recognize National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. It is a call to bring together individuals, organizations, industry, and state, tribal, and local

governments to reduce childhood exposure to lead by increasing lead poisoning prevention awareness. In 2019 in Ohio 2% of children tested had high lead levels. In Cuyahoga County, high lead levels were found in 6% of children tested. In the city of Cleveland, 8.6% of children tested had high lead levels. Some 25% of children in the Cleveland Municipal School District have been exposed to lead. Even very low levels of lead in children’s blood are linked to adverse effects on intellect, concentration, and academic achievement and it is crucial that children are screened and tested for lead before entering school.

There are resources available so that people are able to comply with the City’s laws regarding lead which are intended to reduce lead exposure in the home and environment. Council is committed to addressing ongoing lead exposure and

lead’s health impacts on the City’s children and recognizes the critical impact of educating the community about lead exposure and lead poisoning prevention. Res. No. 1124-2022

Professional Service Contract for Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Courts: Council did not approve the Clerk of Courts request to  enter into a Professional Service contract for a Project Manager to assist in post go-live projects/issues for the courts new case management system. The contract was to be for a period of one year, with a one year option to renew. The cost for one year was $234,000. The vote was seven in favor and nine against the request. Ord. No. 1013-2022.