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Council Meeting Highlights

Oct 09, 2023

Cleveland (Oct. 9, 2023) - City Council held its regular meeting tonight both in person in Council Chambers and live streamedCouncil passed several projects using revenue recovery funding from the American Rescue Plan Act for important community projects. Council has been intent to use the ARPA and revenue recovery funds for tangible projects that improve or help Cleveland residents and neighborhoods. Here are tonight’s highlights:

Renovating and Expanding May Dugan Center: Council approved the city giving a $500,000 grant to the May Dugan Center, to provide economic development assistance to partially finance completion of renovations and expansion of the Center. Several council members sponsored this legislation, Jenny Spencer, Jasmin Santana, Kerry McCormack, Kevin Conwell, Deborah Gray, Kris Harsh, Danny Kelly, Rebecca Maurer, Mike Polensek, Charles Slife and Council President Blaine A. Griffin. The organization, established more than 50 years ago, served over 20,000 people last year and offers numerous services including food distribution, senior programs, refugee resettlement, behavioral health services and as a trauma recovery center. Residents throughout the city use May Dugan services. The renovation and expansion is costing about $7.1 million Ord. No. 1011-2023

Affordable Senior Housing – Council authorized the city to provide a $1 million grant with Northwest Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation to partially finance the construction of 51 apartment units for seniors on West 80th Street and Detroit Avenue. The Karam Senior Living Project will include approximately 51 apartments to provide living accommodations for seniors aged 55 and older who make at or below 60% of the area median income. This is a joint project with Cleveland Public Library, and will include a new Walz Branch built as a part the project, which has a total cost of about $21.3 million and will be at West 80th Street and Detroit Avenue . Originally sponsored by Councilmember Jenny Spencer, with other council members including Council President Blaine A. Griffin co-sponsoring. Ord. No. 1009-2023

Redevelopment in Old Brooklyn: Council authorized the city to provide a $2.5 million grant with Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation to partially finance a new mixed-use neighborhood project located on Memphis and Pearl Roads in Ward 13. The project, which includes apartments and retail, save a century-old historic church on the corner and adds a mixed use development along the side. It’s one of the first new construction project in the ward in many years. Sponsored by Council Members Kris Harsh, Anthony Hairston, Jasmin Santana, Rebecca Maurer, Kevin Conwell, Kerry McCormack and Charles Slife. Ord. No. 1012-2023

Helping Survivors of Trauma: Council approved a grant of $500,000 for the Brenda Glass Multipurpose Trauma Center to provide economic development assistance to partially finance repairs and upgrades to certain existing facilities of the Center. Brenda Glass works with individuals and families who have been impacted by violence of any kind, including domestic violence, gun violence or gang-related violence, among other difficulties. Council members Stephanie Howse-Jones and Richard Starr sponsored the legislation. Ord. No. 1007-2023

Total Eclipse of the Sun: A resolution, sponsored by Councilman Kris Harsh, declaring Monday, April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipse Day. The resolution states, “excitement surrounding the 2024 solar eclipse is building around Cleveland due to the region’s location along the path of totality, which means residents and visitors will experience several minutes of darkness when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, completely blocking the face of the sun…the solar eclipse will occur in Cleveland on Monday, April 8, 2024, beginning at 1:59:20 p.m. EDT and ending at 4:28:57 p.m. EDT, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 3:15:37 p.m. EDT. The Total Solar Eclipse … is the first since Monday, June 16, 1806, and represents the only time anyone currently alive will experience an eclipse in the city of Cleveland; it will be the last such eclipse to pass over the City for 420 years.” Res. No. 1163-2023