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Jan 24, 2023

After several council committee hearings, the Superior Avenue cycle track – called the Superior Midway –  is set to move forward.

The Superior Midway will include two-way bike lanes down the center of the road, from Public Square to East 55th Street, a distance of 2.5 miles. 

The Superior Midway idea was part of the efforts in 2017 to determine how to best reconfigure wide thoroughfares like Superior and St. Clair avenues that once carried trolleys.

As planned for Superior Avenue, a 10-foot-wide bikeway would be separated from vehicular traffic by eight-foot-wide buffers on either side.

Design and construction are expected to cost $25 million, which includes more than $19 million from the federal government. Design is expected to commence next month. Construction, to be coordinated by the Ohio Department of Transportation, is slated to begin in May 2025 and end by fall 2026.

Eight-foot buffers on both sides of the all-purpose path will protect users from car traffic.  The median also functions as a traffic calming measure. ODOT will be the agency to construct the bikeway on Superior Avenue.

For more information on the legislation council passed, read the executive summary or look at the presentation.