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Council Approves Land Sale for 10 New Affordable Homes in Ward 8

May 23, 2024

Councilman Mike Polensek is celebrating the addition of 10 new homes in Ward 8, which he expects to be quickly built.

In June 2023, Cleveland City Council approved Ordinance No. 658-2023, which allocated $5M in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to build 50 new homes in five Cleveland wards, as part of Habitat's 400-Home Initiative.

Ten of these 50 homes will be in Ward 8 on a 1.7 acre vacant lot at Grovewood Avenue and East 164th Street across the street from the Humphrey Sports Complex and Park. These homes will be energy efficient three bedroom, two-bath ranches, with front porches, basements and one-and-a-half sized garages. 

Councilman Polensek identified the property for Habitat and worked to ensure the project went forward. Council approved the legislation on Monday.

“We need to create single family homes for families with children so they can have a yard to play in,” Councilman Polensek said. “I hope this is a prototype of what they can do across the city. We need quality housing that we can get up fast.”

The homes can be built more quickly, because they are modular. Modular homes are houses built off-site, and are completed in sections called modules, according to specific plans. These sections are then transported to the site where they are assembled by builders and installed into the foundations.

The single story modular homes will also have aging-in-place design features advocated by Councilmember Jenny Spencer. Nearly 21 percent of the population of Cleveland is over 60, and these designs are suited for residents to age comfortably in their homes.

“I’ve been advocating for aging in place housing for many years, because so much of the new housing built doesn’t include these features,” Councilmember Spencer said. “Bringing in Habitat, who have embraced the idea, is gratifying. I know we’re all excited about these homes and the others that will soon be built around the city by Habitat.”

Council members have had a long partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Councilman Brian Kazy, who worked with Habitat for more than two years to assemble property in his Ward (16), just celebrated the ribbon cutting of five new homes for new families built by Habitat.  

Habitat, which is committed to helping people afford homes, sells to families at a 0% interest mortgage. Closing costs are just $1,500. Families  have to provide 200 volunteer hours for Habitat as well as take home maintenance and financial literacy classes. Because Habitat is the lender, they ensure that the mortgage is no more than 30%, and usually closer to 20%, of the family income.  

Contact: Councilman Mike Polensek at 216-664-4236 or