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Cleveland City Council Concludes Day Two of 2024 Budget Hearings with a Focus on Public Safety 

Feb 21, 2024

Cleveland City Council Concludes Day Two of 2024 Budget Hearings with a Focus on Public Safety  


Cleveland, OH (February 21, 2024) – Council members completed day two of budget hearings. Day three of Budget hearings will convene on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at 9:00 am.  


Council reviewed the budgets for the divisions that encompass the city’s Department of Public Safety. With public safety being the top priority of this Council, the members had numerous questions about the administration’s strategy to improve public safety. Members posed questions about:  


  • Discussing funding to hire 181 police officers to achieve the mayor’s proposed, reduced uniformed police force  

  • Discussing funding to bring aboard a projected class of forty new fire cadets 

  • Recruiting thirty new EMS cadets to bring the Division to full staffing  

  • Implementing multi-unit dwelling fire inspections  

  • Quadrupling the cost of the Federal monitor to oversee the Consent Decree 

  • Installing a Police Inspector General, which has set vacant for two years, and is required by the Consent Decree 

  • Reviewing the requests and operations of the Cleveland Community Police Commission 

  • Improving diversity in recruitment to create safety forces that mirror Cleveland’s racial and economic demographics  

  • Developing a comprehensive strategy for wild animal control 


On Thursday, Council is scheduled to review budgets for the Department of Public Health, Community Relations Board, Office of Prevention, Intervention, and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults, Office Sustainability, Department of Building and Housing, Department of Port Control, and the Department of Public Works. 


Council seeks the feedback and input of community members throughout the budget hearings. To date, Council has received several questions from the public. Responses to those questions will be posted on City Council’s social media accounts. 


Community members can pose questions and share their feedback and priorities by calling or texting City Council at (216) 714-3006, visiting, or emailing webmaster  


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