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Feb 08, 2023

Councilmembers are preparing for the 2023 budget hearings that start on Feb. 14th. (See schedule below.) 

Every year in February and March, Cleveland City Council must thoroughly review and deliberate the Mayor’s budget before it is accepted and implemented, as well as the federal Community Development Block Grant Program funding, which supports community development activities.  

The budget determines everything about the city, from how much road salt is bought to how many employees are on staff to pick up garbage. Each department comes before the council to discuss how many employees are budgeted for 2023, the cost, as well as the programs and services they will be providing with the funding. Council can amend the budget, including adding or reducing funding for certain departments or programs.

Review the 2023 Mayor's Estimate budget by clicking here. Residents can watch the budget hearings, which are scheduled to start at 9 am Feb. 14th, with the Mayor coming to the committee to discuss his budget, every day at 9 am at either on TV20 or on Council's YouTube Channel. Reminder that there will be no hearings on Feb. 20th, President's Day.

The budget must be passed by April 1st.