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Feb 01, 2024

Councilwoman Maurer joins senior residents at Broadway Place to demand change and accountability on the 25th day without a working elevator. 

Councilwoman Maurer has been receiving phone calls for weeks from desperate residents at Broadway Place Elderly Apartments as the sole elevator in the senior building has been down since January 15th, 2024. Seniors in the building have been left to use the stairs— an option that is not safe or feasible for a majority of tenants in the building. 

The Ward 12 Office has spoken with seniors who haven't left their apartments in weeks and have missed healthcare appointments and medication refills. Many have still tried to use the stairs out of desperation, exacerbating existing injuries and medical conditions. Some tenants have had to call EMS to get to the first floor.

In addition to writing the owner and management company, the Councilwoman has reached out to the Fair Housing Center, who will be on the ground to assist tenants interested in filing Fair Housing claims.

The building is owned by Broadway Retirement, LLC and managed by United Property Management Company out of Lorain. Both are run by Jon R. Veard. 

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