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Councilman Kevin J. Kelley has represented the Old Brooklyn Neighborhood as a member of Cleveland City Council since 2005.  Following his first election in 2005, Kelley was selected as a member of Council’s leadership team, serving as Majority Whip from 2006-2013.  He has also served as Chairman of the Aviation and Transportation Committee, the Public Utilities Committee, and the Finance Committee.  In 2014, Councilman Kelley was unanimously elected by colleagues as President of Cleveland City Council.  

Prior to his election to Council, Council President Kelley’s professional background was in social service and law.   Following his graduation from Marquette University, Council President Kelley volunteered at the West Side Catholic Center as a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. He later worked at Recovery Resources, Inc. assisting mentally ill adults while earning his Master’s Degree from Case Western Reserve University.  While working full time during the day, Kelley began his legal studies at Cleveland Marshall College of Law.  Council President Kelley graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Marshall College of Law and was the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including the Dean’s Community Service Award, the J. Patrick Brown Award for Academic Excellence, Anderson Publishing Company Award for Outstanding Student in Contracts and Torts, and the CALI Excellence for the Future Awards in Torts, Contracts, Legal Writing, and Secured Transactions. Kelley was also Managing Editor of the Cleveland State Law Review.  Council President Kelley is currently Of Counsel for the law firm of Porter Wright Morris & Arthur.  

As Councilman for Ward 13, Councilman Kelley has taken an innovative approach to bringing resources and services to Ward 13.  Most notably, Kelley sought to close the digital divide in his community by spearheading an initiative to bring free, high-speed internet access to all homes and businesses in Ward 13.  After a long period of research and collaboration, Kelley launched Old Brooklyn Connected (  Old Brooklyn Connected is a project designed to provide businesses and residents access to all of the knowledge and information needed to communicate and compete in the 21st century.  Not only did Kelley bring free, high-speed internet to Ward 13 through Old Brooklyn Connected, but he supported the project by offering refurbished computers to all residents of Ward 13, through a collaborative effort with the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation and RET3.  Councilman Kelley continues to work to ensure that all residents of Ward 13 have access to the interenet and a quality computer.  

In addition to Old Brooklyn Connected, Kelley has worked to bring services, resources, and investment to Ward 13.  Kelley completed the renovations of Archmere Park and initiated the construction of the spray basin, new pool deck, and landscaping at Loew Park.  Most recently, Councilman Kelley secured significant capital investment at Estabrook Receration Center and provided funding to completely re-grade the baseball diamonds at Loew Park.  

Based a belief that the strength of our community is based on our citizens and our commitment to our neighborhood, Councilman Kelley has worked hard to develop a stronger connection between the neighborhood and our residents.  Working with the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation, Kelley has sponsored numerous community events such as movie nights in the parks, Bridging the Distance 5K run, and Pop Up Pearl amongst others.   

As Council President, Kelley has focused on professionalism within the body of Council, policy driven legislation, and using the position as Councilman to serve as a positive role model in the community.  Council President Kelley has insisted on timeliness at all meetings of Council, and encouraged decorum amongst the members.  Kelley has worked with his colleague to develop a legislative agenda to guide the Council over the next four years.  And Council President Kelley has made it a priority to increase Council’s involvement in the Community.  

Councilman Kelley lives in Ward 13 with his wife and five children where they are members of St. Thomas More Parish and remain active in many community organizations and community events.   


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