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Council Members

There are 17 elected Cleveland City Council members representing the 17 wards of the City of Cleveland. Each ward has approximately 25,000 residents. Council Members are elected to serve a four-year term. For more information on a particular Council Member, please click on their photo.

Terrell Pruitt
Ward 1 Councilman

Zack Reed
Ward 2 Councilman

Kerry McCormack
Ward 3 Councilman

Kenneth Johnson
Ward 4 Councilman
Phyllis E. Cleveland
Ward 5 Councilwoman

Mamie Mitchell
Ward 6 Councilwoman

TJ Dow
Ward 7 Councilman

Michael Polensek
Ward 8 Councilman

Kevin Conwell
Ward 9 Councilman

Jeffrey Johnson
Ward 10 Councilman

Dona Brady
Ward 11 Councilwoman

Anthony Brancatelli
Ward 12 Councilman

Kevin Kelley
Ward 13 Councilman

Brian Cummins
Ward 14 Councilman

Matt Zone
Ward 15 Councilman

Brian Kazy
Ward 16 Councilman

Martin Keane
Ward 17 Councilman

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